4 Best Apps for Manufacturing Companies

November 17, 2022 • 2 min read

Whether you work for a large manufacturing enterprise or a small business that transforms raw materials into finished goods, chances are your business relies on technology to help streamline everyday manufacturing processes. While every manufacturing company is unique, certain apps and software solutions can help your business do more with less time.

In this article, we’re highlighting four of the best apps for manufacturing companies. Read on to learn more about these solutions and how they can help your business grow more productive and profitable.

1. Evernote Task Management App

Think of Evernote as a “binder” or a digital filing cabinet—a way for your business to organize ideas, plans, documents, to-do lists, images, and more. Whether you’re designing prototypes, planning out a new factory, or looking for a smarter way to file away details, Evernote can do all that and more.


2. Sortly Inventory Management App

Sortly is an intuitive inventory app designed to help manufacturing companies focus on asset tracking, inventory consumption, and tool tracking. Whether your team manages inventory at one location or hundreds of factories, plants, and storage units across the country, Sortly streamlines every aspect of inventory management, from getting organized to reordering to auditing. What’s more, the customizable system helps manufacturers take control of all four types of inventory: raw material, work-in-process, finished goods, and maintenance and overhaul. 

Plus, it’s easier to practice tighter inventory control with time-saving features like barcode and QR code scanning, low stock alerts, and customizable reports.


3. ProntoForms Automation App

If your manufacturing business is bogged down by constantly filling out forms, an app like ProntoForms can help automate that process. The app is built for employees who work away from the office, enabling them to breeze through paperwork accurately, effectively, and without any unnecessary friction. 

What’s more, ProntoForms offers seamless integration with apps your business already uses, allowing your team to start reaping the benefits of form automation on day one. Like Sortly, ProntoForm’s paperless, digital solution allows your employees to use phones and tablets your business already owns. 


4. TPSynergy Supply Chain Collaboration App

TPSynergy offers various web-based apps that enable its customers to manage their supply chain from start to finish. From supplier management to order fulfillment, TPSyndergy’s online portal improves communication between key players, boosts visibility, and creates records that improve management, accuracy and supply chain optimization down the line.

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About Sortly

Sortly is a top-rated inventory management software solution perfect for manufacturing businesses of all shapes and sizes. Sortly boasts both time-saving automation features and a variety of other essential functions, including the ability to pin attachments, storage instructions, bills of materials, hazardous handling regulations, and more directly to items on your inventory list.

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