About Us.

Sortly lets you quickly, easily and always find your
stuff so you can stress less and live more.

A Revolutionary Way to Manage Things

Have you ever wanted to wave a magic wand and– POOF– have total control?

Make the things in your home or business work for you, not the other way around?


What if you had the power to instantly find anything, anytime, anywhere?


Sortly lets you do just that. From organizing your attic to managing your business inventory. Sortly will change how you feel about being organized. (You’re about to get really, really good at it.)


We should know. For years we watched an “organizationally” challenged friend live out of piles and misplace everything he owned. Problem was, organizing wasn’t fun or easy for him. So in 2012 we got coding and created a solution for people just like him: Sortly.


Sortly is the organization app you’ve always wanted, but couldn’t create.


Years later, we continue to be amazed by all the versatile ways people are using Sortly. In fact, we’re constantly adding new features based on your requests.


We’re so lucky to have such enthused customers on this journey. They continue to help us improve and grow. More importantly, they prove we were right all along:


You absolutely can be a calmer, more productive you.


Get Organized. Feel Better.

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