The Best Dental Inventory Software

Your dental office should be helping patients—not searching for supplies like impression trays or teeth whitening gel. With Sortly, you can:

Know exactly what’s in each drawer, room, and storage closet.

Never run out of key dental supplies again.

Understand what inventory your practice really needs to keep on hand.

Visualize all your dental supplies and equipment on your Sortly dashboard.

Sortly’s robust, visual dental supply inventory management software makes it easy to know what dental supplies and equipment you’ve got and precisely where they’re located.

Use Sortly on your phone, tablet, or computer—from exam room to front desk.

Upload high-resolution photos so you can visually track and understand your inventory.

Create custom fields to track details like value, expiration date, and manufacturer.

Organize your inventory based on how your practice uses supplies.

Easily visualize and search everything you’ve got in stock.

Stop running out of dental supplies you need with customized alerts.

You’ve got patients to tend to—and no time to spare. With Sortly, it’s easy to keep tabs on everything your dental office stocks, so you’ll never be caught without the supplies you need.

Get low stock alerts and reminders for when you’re running low on dental supplies.

Set alerts to remind you when equipment is approaching expiration or warranty end.

Stress less by ensuring the right people are notified long before low inventory becomes a problem.

Give more time to your patients—and less time to your inventory.

Your dental office has more important things to do than hunt for missing dental supplies, open unlabeled boxes, or spend days learning to use an inventory system. Sortly’s dental inventory management software’s most time-saving features can do the hard work for you.

Use in-app barcode and QR code scanning to check items in and out quickly.

Generate custom barcodes and QR codes to label unmarked supplies or equipment.

Instantly create reports perfect for audits, compliance, or forecasting.

Give different levels of access to others in your practice.

Dental inventory software you’ll get the hang of in minutes.

Sortly was designed for all employees—regardless of technical skill level. No day-long orientations, no 200-page manuals. Just an easy, customizable app designed to get your dental office organized today.

Super simple to use--just like any other user-friendly app.

Seamlessly manage inventory across devices you already own.

Friendly, super-helpful customer service at your fingertips.

Sortly dental inventory management software features.

Easy Inventory Import

Easy inventory import transfers your existing inventory into Sortly with the touch of a button.


Enter your items and track key details about them, such as quantity, location, and cost.

Item Photos

Add item photos to your entries to create a visual inventory and track appearance and condition details.

Custom Folders

Custom folders so you can organize your stuff exactly how you want it.

Custom Fields

Custom fields so you can track the unique details that matter to you and custom-segment your items.

Inventory Lists

Inventory lists perfect for audits, budgeting, or forecasting.

User Licenses

User licenses so you can collaborate with your team and even your clients.

Customizable User Access

Customizable user access ensures you share the right info with the right people.

Activity History

Activity history provides visibility into user updates so you know who did what, and when.

Sortly customer reviews and testimonials.

We're proud to be an industry-leading solution trusted by thousands of businesses.

"Sortly has allowed us to keep a close eye on our inventory even when it's spread out to different locations and remote workers who depend on having the correct count in order to sale."

Tammy F.

5 Stars

"I love this app. I have a cookie business and it helps me to see and keep track of my cutters and stencils that I use constantly. "


5 Stars

"Very easy to use. Added items is very easy. I like the notification alert for low inventory."

Nancy R.

5 Stars

"I run an insurance restoration company and we keep about $30,000 in supplies on average. This helps us manage, order, and protect our inventory. We use three people to manage this process and it saves me about 20% of the value each year. "

Jay Van Deusen

5 Stars

"Sortly has added hours and confidence to my life! As a sole proprietor with an overwhelming amount of inventory, that comes and goes in the blink of an eye, I needed a system that could keep up. Sortly excels at keeping it all organized. I am very happy with it!"

Sortly Customer

5 Stars

"I searched through several inventory software programs and none were designed with the user in mind like Sortly. The program and application are fast and intuitive!"

Ben W.

5 Stars

"This is by far the best Inventory Management Software that I've used. Not only is it simple but it's also powerfully customizable to set options just the way you desire. "


5 Stars

"This works great for keeping track of my truck inventory."


5 Stars

"I love that in a minute I can add a new person to the system and check items out to them so easily. Knowing where our open house signs and lockboxes are at all the time is very helpful!"


5 Stars

"I honestly love the fact that I am able to monitor the in and out of each medication and clinical item used. The exporting to excel is nice to use in regards to trending metrics in regards to intake and out."

Ron G.

5 Stars

"It has been wonderful and made my work life so much easier. I'd recommend to anyone or company. Keep up the great work Sortly team!"

Jason J.

5 Stars

"This has changed my job as manager of Inventory for an office space! It is so much easier to get things sorted when they can be counted in a flash, instead of having to use an excel spreadsheet."

Lisa D.

5 Stars

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