How Lemoine Achieved Transparency and Efficiency with Smarter Equipment Tracking.


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Lemoine’s disaster recovery team needed an easy, reliable way to track their high-value equipment across all of their active job sites. Here’s how tracking their equipment with Sortly resulted in improved transparency, organization, and business efficiency.


Lemoine, a Louisiana-based construction company, has a dedicated disaster recovery team that tackles cleanup efforts after hurricanes and other emergencies. Lemoine’s fast-paced disaster response work presented a challenge: managing their extensive equipment inventory. Hundreds of high-value dehumidifiers and air movers constantly moved between trailers, warehouses, and job sites, making it difficult to track their location and condition. Adopting Sortly helped the team achieve streamlined, organized, and efficient equipment management.


Prior to implementing Sortly, the Lemoine team faced unique challenges when it came to tracking their vast equipment inventory, including:

  • Inefficient Tracking: Manually tracking hundreds of equipment units across various locations was time-consuming and prone to errors.
  • Limited Visibility: Lemoine lacked a system to visually verify equipment condition and document job progress for clients and insurance claims.
  • Inaccurate Invoicing: Difficulties in tracking equipment deployment time led to inaccurate invoicing for dehumidifier usage.


In 2020, Lemoine implemented Sortly inventory management software to gain real-time equipment tracking and visibility, which resulted in:

  • Enhanced Tracking: Lemoine utilizes Sortly’s barcode scanning to efficiently track equipment movement throughout their operation. This eliminates time-consuming searches and ensures accurate location data.
  • Streamlined Invoicing: Sortly’s data streamlines invoicing by allowing Lemoine to track equipment deployment time precisely. They can easily identify which dehumidifiers are in use at specific locations, which directly informs their billing process.
  • Improved Transparency: Lemoine leverages Sortly’s photo capabilities to visually document equipment condition and job progress. This transparency fosters trust with clients and simplifies insurance claims in case of theft or damage.
  • Increased Efficiency: Sortly’s user-friendly interface saves Lemoine valuable time compared to their previous manual system. Barcode scanning takes only seconds per item, freeing up technicians’ time for core tasks.
  • Elevated Customer Experience: With Sortly’s detailed reports and photos, Lemoine provides clients with clear visibility into the restoration process. This transparency strengthens customer relationships.

“Sortly has been essential in our establishment. It has given us the ability to quickly visualize the large facilities we work in with the help of folders and subfolders. We can review all inventory folders and subfolders, which equates to the entire building and the dozens of classrooms within it. Once we clear out, we can check Sortly to see all equipment within that building and remove that equipment.“


Lemoine Restoration’s implementation of Sortly has transformed their equipment management. Sortly has improved tracking efficiency, streamlined invoicing, enhanced transparency, and ultimately, elevated the customer experience.

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