How TCM Enterprises Streamlined Their Consumable Inventory Management with Sortly.

2 Hrs

Saves estimated 2 hours per week on inventory


Saves estimated $200-$500 per month.

50 Types

Tracking over 50 different types of inventory with numerous units per type.

TCM Enterprises needed a way to keep tabs on the materials, supplies, and parts used across their numerous active construction sites. Here’s how implementing Sortly inventory management software transformed TCM’s consumable management, boosted efficiency, and helped them save on inventory costs.


TCM Enterprises is a growing commercial construction company based in Fayetteville, Arkansas. As their business expanded, TCM needed a way to track the supplies, materials, parts, and consumables used on each project to ensure accurate budgeting and resource allocation. Sortly’s user-friendly inventory management software proved to be the perfect solution.


Prior to implementing Sortly, TCM lacked a system for tracking consumable inventory usage across all their active projects. This resulted in:

  • Inventory Inaccuracy: Without proper inventory tracking, the TCM team had difficulty knowing the exact amount of consumables they had on hand. They also suffered from lost inventory due to lack of tracking. These inaccuracies led to stockouts and delays.
  • Inefficient Project Costing: Inaccurate inventory data made it challenging to assign accurate costs to projects and deduct from their budgets accordingly.
  • Reactive Purchasing: With no real-time inventory solution in place, TCM would occasionally run out of key materials, forcing them to order inventory at the last minute and wait for it to arrive—or pay premium prices to buy from other sources quickly.


In 2023, TCM implemented Sortly as their inventory management solution. Sortly’s key features and benefits addressed TCM’s challenges directly, including:

  • Easy Setup and Use: Sortly’s user-friendly app made it simple for TCM to set up, use, and even train employees on the system.
  • Accurate Tracking: Sortly’s real-time inventory tracking capabilities and flexible organization ensured TCM had a clear picture of their consumable inventory levels for each project.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Detailed reports allowed TCM managers to see exactly what inventory was used on each project, enabling accurate cost allocation and improved budgeting.

“Thanks to the ease of using Sortly, we have been able to establish a successful inventory process.“


Since becoming Sortly customers, TCM Enterprises has seen significant improvements in their inventory management and overall business health:

  • Increased Efficiency: TCM estimates that they save approximately 2 hours per week on tasks like invoicing and ordering. Thanks to Sortly, they have streamlined these processes, giving their team time back for more important tasks.
  • Reduced Costs: TCM estimates that using Sortly helps save an average of $200-$500 on consumable inventory costs. They set low stock alerts to prevent stockouts and delays, eliminating the need for rush orders and potential price inflation.
  • Improved Project Costing: Accurate inventory tracking allows TCM to assign costs to projects with greater precision, leading to better budgeting insights.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: TCM can now deliver projects within a closer range of initial material estimates, driving efficiencies and fostering customer satisfaction.


Using Sortly has empowered TCM Enterprises to gain control of their consumable inventory management. The software’s ease of use, accurate tracking, and insightful reporting have streamlined TCM’s processes, saved them time and money, and helped enable them to deliver a better customer experience.

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