With Sortly, tracking parts is easier than ever.

Track all the parts your business uses with powerful, customizable parts tracking software. With Sortly’s parts tracking system, you can:

Know exactly what parts are where, even if your inventory moves locations.

Keep track of key warranty and expiry dates.

Stay on top of what parts you need to order next.

Never over or under order parts thanks to low stock alerts.

Manage your parts inventory in minutes.

Stop tracking parts with outdated spreadsheets—and start tracking your entire inventory in real time on your phone, tablet, or computer. With Sortly’s parts tracker capabilities, you’ll:

Unlock a visual, detailed look at every part your business has.

Track equipment and tools across multiple locations or warehouses.

Print barcodes and QR codes right from the app.

Scan parts in and out with the in-app scanner (or easily connect an external scanner).

Never run out of parts again.

You can’t run your business without the right inventory. Sortly’s parts inventory system can remind you to schedule maintenance, extend warranties, replace parts, or order more inventory before it’s too late.

Set minimum item thresholds for each part in your inventory.

Get customized alerts to remind you to reorder inventory or schedule maintenance.

Track parts usage patterns over time thanks to custom inventory reports.

Truly flexible parts tracking software.

Parts management isn’t one-size-fits-all—you need a system that’s customizable for your unique business. Sortly’s parts inventory management app is fully customizable, allowing your business to create a parts tracking system that works for your team.

Organize your parts how you’d like (by location, item type, status, and more).

Decide what custom details to track for each part.

Attach manuals, warnings, instructions, and more to each part in your inventory.

Finally, an easy parts tracking software.

Sortly was designed for everyone—even employees who’ve never digitally tracked inventory before. Thanks to Sortly’s intuitive interface, there are no trainings or manuals required. Just an intuitive, customizable app designed to help your team track parts in a fraction of the time.

Easy-to-use interface and intuitive design, no training required.

No additional equipment needed—track parts and inventory right from the mobile app.

Friendly, helpful customer service whenever you need it.

Sortly parts tracking software features.

Easy Inventory Import

Easy inventory import transfers your existing inventory into Sortly with the touch of a button.


Enter your items and track key details about them, such as quantity, location, and cost.

Item Photos

Add item photos to your entries to create a visual inventory and track appearance and condition details.

Custom Folders

Custom folders so you can organize your stuff exactly how you want it.

Custom Fields

Custom fields so you can track the unique details that matter to you and custom-segment your items.

Inventory Lists

Inventory lists perfect for audits, budgeting, or forecasting.

User Licenses

User licenses so you can collaborate with your team and even your clients.

Customizable User Access

Customizable user access ensures you share the right info with the right people.

Activity History

Activity history provides visibility into user updates so you know who did what, and when.

Sortly customer reviews and testimonials.

We're proud to be an industry-leading solution trusted by thousands of businesses.

"This works great for keeping track of my truck inventory."


5 Stars

"As a manufacturer, we use Sortly to keep track of all the parts that come and go from our warehouse and back once we receive a completed product. Our team has a really easy time scanning barcodes to help us keep track of all our parts. Sortly has become part of our daily operation."

Michael S.

5 Stars

"I love this app. I have a cookie business and it helps me to see and keep track of my cutters and stencils that I use constantly. "


5 Stars

"So far, I've really enjoyed sortly, its a good basic inventory management system at a reasonable price for a small buisness."

Crystal D.

5 Stars

"I run an insurance restoration company and we keep about $30,000 in supplies on average. This helps us manage, order, and protect our inventory. We use three people to manage this process and it saves me about 20% of the value each year. "

Jay Van Deusen

5 Stars

"This has changed my job as manager of Inventory for an office space! It is so much easier to get things sorted when they can be counted in a flash, instead of having to use an excel spreadsheet."

Lisa D.

5 Stars

"This is by far the best Inventory Management Software that I've used. Not only is it simple but it's also powerfully customizable to set options just the way you desire. "


5 Stars

"Overall, it's been a delight. It's easily customized, consistently functions well, allows us to run the reports we need for inventory tracking and auditing, and it's easy to use, so it's easy to onboard new volunteers who join our Inventory Team."

Kristen B.

5 Stars

"Sortly has allowed us to keep a close eye on our inventory even when it's spread out to different locations and remote workers who depend on having the correct count in order to sale."

Tammy F.

5 Stars

"I honestly love the fact that I am able to monitor the in and out of each medication and clinical item used. The exporting to excel is nice to use in regards to trending metrics in regards to intake and out."

Ron G.

5 Stars

"With Sortly, we have been able to quickly and efficiently add our inventory. We love that notifications can be sent to individuals when inventory is running low on a particular item."

Robin R.

5 Stars

"Sortly has added hours and confidence to my life! As a sole proprietor with an overwhelming amount of inventory, that comes and goes in the blink of an eye, I needed a system that could keep up. Sortly excels at keeping it all organized. I am very happy with it!"

Sortly Customer

5 Stars

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