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What is inventory management automation?

May 20, 2020 • 3 min read

Imagine managing your company’s inventory without spreadsheets, inventory-counting assignments, endless stacks of ten boxes… and no just-to-be-safe recounts! Inventory management automation means saying goodbye to old, time-consuming and costly manual processes in favor of an intuitive approach to keeping track of your business’s stuff.

What Is Inventory Management Automation?

Inventory management automation is a way to track, analyze, and control items using inventory management software and compatible technology, including barcodes or QR codes. It helps you escape from manual inventory processes, freeing up valuable time and reducing the risk of costly errors.

What Tools Do You Need?

You don’t need a lot of expensive tools for inventory management automation

  • QR codes or barcodes – If you don’t have existing QR codes or barcodes for your products or services, the right inventory management software helps you create and print them. Prepare a list of products or services, descriptions of them, and other details that you want to include in QR codes or barcodes. It’s easy to customize and generate codes.
  • Scanner – You can scan QR codes or barcodes into inventory software with a tablet, iPad, or smartphone camera, or a compatible Bluetooth scanner. Don’t buy new equipment unless you want to.
  • QR code or barcode label printer – You’ll find a variety of compact label printers that are lightweight and easy to transport. Scan several labels as a test before printing a large quantity and applying them to your products.
  • Inventory management software – Inventory management software is the engine for automation. Without it, you’ll still be pedaling through manual processes. You’ll scan barcodes or QR codes into the software, add photos, and customize entries as needed. The software will begin tracking and managing the information you’ve stored. 

Six Ways Inventory Management Automation Saves Time and Money

  1. Adds inventory in bulk – Are you just getting started and don’t have QR codes or barcodes for your inventory? Automation makes it easy. Save your spreadsheet as a CSV file and import it into the inventory management software. You can create QR codes or barcodes in the software for your imported items.
  2. Tracks across multiple locations – If you have multiple business locations, inventory management software lets you track and manage what’s at each site. And it helps you avoid under- or over-ordering products and supplies. Barcodes or QR codes make it easy to locate assets that your employees or business locations share.
  3. Stock alerts and date reminders – Out-of-stock notices can frustrate customers. Inventory management automation lets you set stock minimums and receive alerts for them. And you can schedule date reminders to reorder items, check warranties or expiration dates, or follow-up with customers.
  4. Generates real-time reports – Customize real-time reports by item, category, or user activity—no more custom sorts on spreadsheets. Export, print, or share the report.
  5. Offers access from anywhere – You can find inventory management software that supports iOS, Android, and desktop computers. You’ll be able to scan QR codes and barcodes and access your inventory anytime, anywhere.
  6. Makes it easy to share – There’s no need to attach a spreadsheet to an e-mail or store it in a cloud file folder. Give your customers or team members access to your automated inventory and set permissions for what they can view or edit. 

Regardless of your industry, institution, or the type of services you provide, you can find an inventory system that works for you. It’s even useful for tracking items, warranties, or maintenance schedules at home.

An inventory app being used on a laptop shows barcodes and QR codes being created, scanned and printed.

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