6 Ways to Give Your Business “The Home Edit” Treatment

January 17, 2020 • 6 min read

Organizing has never looked so good than with the help of The Home Edit. This highly popular company provides luxury home organization services and tips to help get every inch of your place organized. From bedrooms to kitchens, closets, and pantries, it’s a perfect way to sort and categorize your belongings. Whereas the Marie Kondo method is all about decluttering, The Home Edit is about getting organized with everything that’s left. 

And one big reason The Home Edit Nashville founders Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin have everyone knocking at their door is due to their aesthetic approach to organizing. Simply put, they make organizing attractive. 

One look at The Home Edit Instagram page and you’ll see how they really make organized things pop with color. With a decluttering style like that, it’s no wonder celebrities such as Gwenyth Paltrow, the Kardashians, Lauren Conrad, and Mandy Moore are getting their homes edited. 

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But it isn’t only celebrities who love their aesthetic tips and tricks for organizing. The organizers recently took on The Honest Company’s LA office.

The Home Edit also has an upcoming Netflix show with Reese Witherspoon in the works. The show follows Clea and Joanna as they color-code and organize homes across the country. Their millions of fans will soon be able to see them in action. 

So, can The Home Edit’s aesthetically pleasing, Instagram-friendly organizing strategies be applied to businesses, too? The answer is yes! 

Here are 6 ways you can give your company The Home Edit treatment:

1. Start Small

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Start somewhere that feels manageable. Your desktop is a perfect choice, especially if you have a ton of pens and papers floating around. It’s also the area where you spend the most time at work, so it can get messy fast. It’s important to have this area super categorized so that things have a specific place. Otherwise, the clutter will continue to build. Once you’ve decided on your small starting point, gather every item you see and start categorizing. Your productivity will be much more effective when your immediate workspace is tidy and orderly.

2. Use acrylic files.

A filing system is one of the best ways to stay organized and maintain that workspace flow. See-through, visible files are an easy way to help you retain only what you really need and keep it looking clean, crisp and under control. Take it one step further by filing your documents based on the big three categories such as Action Items, Invoices, and Shred.

3. Label everything. 

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Another trick for getting your business organized is labeling. The Home Edit is big on labeling everything. You can either write-out each label, use color-coded tabs or use The Home Edit labels from The Home Edit shop. It’s completely up to you which style you decide to use. Just be sure to label all containers and boxes. 

Another option for labeling is to buy a label maker. But if that’s too DIY for you, adding QR codes or barcodes are an effective solution for keeping track of inventory. Plus, scanning software like IMS can scan them with no equipment other than your smartphone. How easy is that?

4. Color-code your snack pantry.

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Sounds fun, right? A color-coded snack pantry signals to others in the office that tidy and pretty matter. While the principle might sound silly, keeping an office kitchen organized means you care about the company. Not to mention it just feels good to pick a snack based on the color of its packaging. The Home Edit blog offers helpful pointers for rearranging snacks by color.  

One thing worth mentioning is The Home Edit book, already a New York Times Best Seller, lists the pantry as one of the most difficult places to organize. Consider saving this color-coding project for last.

5. Set reminders.

While containers and other types of storage items are great to use for keeping things tidy, it also helps to have reminders. That’s why The Home Edit recently partnered with Amazon Alexa

It’s important to have some type of reminder system in place that works for your business. You can buy a smart device for your office or use reminders on your calendar to meet with clients. Or maybe it’s a simple inventory management software to keep track all of your company’s stuff. After all, which business owner doesn’t love instant reminders for when to restock inventory?

6. Invest in the supplies you need.

Founders Clea and Joanna also suggest investing in the supplies you need to stay organized. The Home Edit Container Store partnership makes it easy to get trendy acrylic desktop files, storage boxes, and file boxes. All to help you get organized with a colorful, modern style. 

You can also invest in an easy, intuitive inventory management software system to stay on top of your things. Sortly is a simple, powerful tool that helps you keep track of inventory in real time and get customized alerts that monitor stock levels. When you keep things organized in a functional way, you’ll save money by learning what you need and don’t need. Plus, the visual inventory system is easy on the eye—Clea and Joanna would approve!

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