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What is the Best Free Inventory Management Software?

February 17, 2020 • 3 min read

Inventory management software is a game-changer for businesses. But finding the best software for your needs that doesn’t break the bank can be tricky. If your business is just getting started, or if you are looking to replace your current inventory software system, it can help to sign up for a free trial first before making any financial commitments. 

What is the best free inventory management software?

The best free inventory management software will help you get organized and stay organized. It will enable you to track your inventory while saving time and money. Inventory software should do the heavy lifting for you, even if it’s free.

Here are a few things every inventory management software should offer your business for free:

Intuitive, User-Friendly Software

Free inventory software should be simple and straightforward. It should only take minutes to set up so that you can jump right in and start getting organized. Your entire inventory should be indexed and inventoried. Searching for a specific product? You should be able to quickly type in a product name, category or a scanned barcode or QR code to find it fast.

Improved Inventory Tracking and Order Management

What good is free inventory software if it doesn’t help you track inventory? Even when choosing a free software system, you want to pick a program where you can eventually scan QR codes and barcodes. Even if this is a paid add-on, don’t invest too much time in a software system that cannot grow with your business.

Ultimately, you should be able to use any wired or Bluetooth scanner to search, track, and manage inventory. Then you can track asset details such as price, quantity, notes, and location.

Time (and Stress) Saved

Free inventory management systems should save you major time and make your day less stressful. Every inventory app you consider should be able to automatically sync your inventory data to your software. This gives you more time in your day to focus on other things related to your business. Steer clear of any systems that complicate your schedule or are too difficult to use. 

Reduced Carrying Costs

Most every business tries to avoid over-ordering whenever possible. Your free inventory management software should enable you to see which products are in high demand and which ones are not selling or moving with the click of a button. That way, you can make good ordering decisions every day.

Less Risk of Human Error

With good technology, there’s no more worrying about employees miscounting inventory or forgetting to do things. With inventory management software, you get a virtual paper trail. Orders, shipments, documents, and returns are all kept in one place. Every single transaction can be monitored. So if there is a question of a missing product or supplier record, you know exactly where to look. 

Tons of Important Features

When searching for the best free trial, make sure the below key capabilities and features are available, even if you’ll have to pay to unlock them alter. That way if you decide to move forward with the inventory management software, you’ll know it can grow with your business: 

Ensure you can:

  • Set up customized alerts that let you know when product is running low, is falling out of warranty, is set to expire, or needs to be replaced.
  • Review a visual inventory that enables you to add pictures of every product, especially for products with similar names or meaningless serial numbers.
  • Create multiple logins with customized access for team members.
  • Track changes to inventory to see which changes were made and by whom.
  • Generate custom reports. 
  • Access customer support for any questions you might have. 

Auto parts are tracked using inventory software on a variety of devices.

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