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What does inventory management software do?

A woman takes inventory on her laptop in a retail shop.

Inventory management software is a key tool for any business that needs to track and manage its inventory. Whether a business needs to keep an eye on the contents of one storage closet or track tons of inventory across multiple locations, the right software can make all the difference. 

In this article, we’ll dive into what exactly inventory software does. 

What does inventory management software do?

Inventory management software helps businesses track, organize, manage and control every aspect of their inventory, from ordering to auditing to analyzing. Thanks to key automation features, inventory management software helps businesses practice strong inventory control that’s fast and accurate.

If you’ve used spreadsheets or pen and paper to track inventory in the past, you will likely save a lot of time when you switch to inventory management software. That’s because modern inventory management software uses automation to streamline repetitive tasks, reduces the risk of human error during audits and data entry, and allows entire teams to collaboratively manage inventory.

The right inventory management software also makes practicing inventory control that much easier. After all, you’ll need to know what you’ve got and how much you’re using in order to keep costs low and turnover high.  

Ideally, inventory management software should include features like:

Flexible Organization

In order for inventory management software to actually help your business, it needs to work for your business! Find software or an app that works for your company right out of the gate, or choose a system flexible enough that you can make it work for you, right away. 

Barcode and QR Code Scanning

Barcode and QR code scanning are absolute necessary features of inventory management software. When used properly, these codes can shave hours off your inventory audits, help you discover what’s inside hard-to-reach boxes and help you check items in and out in a flash. 

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Detail-Rich Inventory Lists

Since you’re using inventory management software instead of a spreadsheet or pen-and-paper inventory, you’ll want to look for an inventory system that lets you track every last detail of each item you stock. Extra points if you’re able to add custom fields, attachments, images and more. 

Insightful Dashboard

Inventory management software should help you visualize everything that you’ve got, all in one place. That way, even if you’ve got inventory all over the country, you’ll be able to get a handle on what you’ve got, how much of it, and where it is at any given moment.

Timely Alerts

Inventory management software should let you (or the right person!) know the minute you’re running low on something, or an item is approaching expiration or warranty end. Ideally, you can decide precisely who is notified, when, and through what channels, like an email or in-app notification.

Meaningful Reports

When you digitally track inventory, you create quite the trail of meaningful data over time. Use inventory management software to peer into the past and better understand how inventory is used at different times of the year. 

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