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6 Best Event Planning Apps

October 11, 2022 • 3 min read

Whether your event planning business produces massive parties across the country or rents out tables and linens in a small town, the right software can help your business save time, money, and stress. After all, event planners wear a lot of hats–inventory manager, accountant, designer, staffing specialist, magician…

From helping you manage ever-growing guest lists to making sure the party you’re planning doesn’t get too loud, these six apps are tools that every event planner should consider to help their businesses run smoother.


1. Planning Pod Event Management Software

Planning Pod is a top-rated event management software designed for venues, caterers, planners, and designers. Whether you need to prepare banquet event orders (BEOs) for a wedding, design a floor plan for a conference, or keep track of schedules and events in real time, Planning Pod can help you do all that and more.

Used by over 20,000 customers, the software integrates with platforms like Slack and EventBrite, works on both phones and computers, and can be easily customized to meet your business’s needs. 


2. Sound Meter Sound Detector

If your event planning business manages events, then sound concerns are serious business. Instead of risking fines, violations, or even an awkward visit from law enforcement, install an app like Sound Meter to help your team keep an eye on sound levels.

Before your event, review noise regulations with the local government and the venue itself. As you know, noise regulations may vary on certain days and after certain hours, so take note of these particulars and share them with your team. Then use the app to ensure compliance.


3. Eventbrite Event Management & Growth Software

Eventbrite is one of the most popular, well-liked event management apps on the market. Unlike many event apps, Eventbrite has tons of consumer-facing features that boost community engagement and help event producers market and grow their upcoming events. 

With Eventbrite, you can easily create events, market them, sell tickets, and keep in touch with all attendees. You can even manage guest lists, pay out other partners, and learn more about your audience using the tool’s intuitive features.


4. Sortly Inventory Management Software

Sortly is an inventory management app that helps event planners keep track of all their inventory. Whether your event planning business handles furniture rentals, photo booths, or floral arrangements, Sortly allows you to create a picture-rich inventory list that allows your whole team to truly visualize what your business owns.

Sortly is a great fit for event planning professionals who need to track and manage large amounts of inventory, assets, supplies, and equipment. You can use Sortly’s folders to organize jobs, review the condition, location, and activity history of your most valuable assets—and empower your whole team to collaborate on inventory, even when they’re on the go. Learn more about Sortly for event planning.


5. Evernote Productivity App

Event planners love Evernote—a versatile, note-taking task management app perfect for collecting text, pictures, videos, and sound bytes. If your desk (or your desktop) is littered with ideas, inspiration, and installation instructions, Evernote can help you organize those ideas—and make sure you don’t lose them.


6. Social Tables Event Management Software

Social Tables is a collaborative event planning app that allows you to visualize your event space using 3D visuals, tinker with event layouts and floorplans, and quickly create seating charts, diagrams, and other documents that’ll help your event go off without a hitch.

If your business spends a lot of time charting events, designing diagrams, and creating visualizations for clients, Social Tables might be the perfect solution for your team. 


About Sortly

Sortly is an inventory app designed to help your event planning business manage inventory from anywhere, at any time. Curious how Sortly could help your business do a better job with tracking inventory? Start a free, two-week trial of Sortly today.