Asset Management

What is the best asset management software?

Asset management software allows businesses of all shapes and sizes to track their inventory. Whether your company issues laptops to employees, rents out folding chairs to party planners, or loans students textbooks, an asset management system is key to managing inventory.

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In this short article, we’ll reveal the best asset management software. Then, we’ll divulge all the key features you should look for in an inventory app, too. 

What is the best asset management software?

The best asset management software is an app like Sortly, which is both intuitive and completely customizable. When tracking assets, you’ll want to choose an inventory system that can be tailored to meet your business needs. 

You’ll want to select inventory software that offers these powerful features:

Robust Item Details

With the right asset tracking app, you can manually enter item details into both preset and custom fields. The information you add will be similar to what you’ve written on inventory lists in the past: item name, quantity, par, serial number, list price, condition and more. 

The best inventory management software will offer customizable fields for item details, since no two businesses are exactly alike. Use these blank spaces to track information you know is important to your business: unexpectedly long lead times for orders, notable delivery minimums and more. 

Customizable Categories, Folders & Tags

Folders allow you to organize your inventory however you see fit. Some examples of folders: category, location, department, or employee. To move an item from one folder to another, simply drag an item with your finger, touchpad or mouse. Categories can also be used to pinpoint location and other qualities. Tags can be used however you’d like, although most people use them to track qualities like style, condition or item family.

Tons of High-Resolution Images

The best asset tracking software will also allow you to upload high-quality images to item details. This way, you can truly see and understand what you’ve got. This is especially helpful when you have many items in your inventory that sound alike.

QR Code & Barcode Syncing & Scanning

Features like barcode and QR code scanning automate tedious inventory processes, saving users tons of time and money while checking items in and out or moving them to a different location. Asset tracking apps that offer item scanning also reduce costly human errors, since so many items look and sound alike. Without inventory automation, even the most careful of employees is bound to bungle some numbers eventually. 

The best inventory apps, like Sortly, allow you to use the smartphone you already own to scan items by barcode or QR code… or even create custom QR codes for unlabeled inventory. No fancy, expensive equipment required!

Key Alerts & Reminders

You can set low stock alerts and expiration, warranty and rental period end notifications directly in asset management software. These thresholds can be set while editing item details, and are completely customizable. You can choose who gets alerted and how: via the inventory app, via email or both—all long before stock is lost, misplaced or forgotten about. 

Restricted Team Access

If you choose highly-rated inventory or asset management software, you will be able to set custom user permissions. This means that you decide which employees can access, read or edit some or all of your inventory information. 

Customizable Reports

Inventory reports from asset management software can help you better understand your business. They reveal what’s where at a moment’s notice. These reports are also available as both CSV and PDF files. That means they’re ready to share with clients, customers, accountants and colleagues at a moment’s notice. 

Secure, Cloud-Based App

By choosing an inventory app that’s ultra-secure and synced to the cloud, you’ll enjoy uninterrupted anytime, anywhere access to your inventory—even in the middle of the night, and even if you’re thousands of miles away from your stockrooms, storage facilities or cubicle shelves.

Phone, Tablet and Web Access

Finally, you’ll want to choose asset management software that’s truly a cinch to access. That means picking software that works like an app on your phone, tablet and computer

An inventory app being used on a laptop shows barcodes and QR codes being created, scanned and printed.

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