4 Ways IT Professionals Use Sortly For IT Asset Tracking

July 31, 2019 • 2 min read

IT professionals: picture a typical day in the office. You’re busy trying to figure out why the temp’s laptop crashed. Probably because the software hasn’t been updated in 2 years…oops. Pam comes in…she needs a router. The ol’ laptop is on the brink of revival, so it’s not a good time to stop. You hand Pam the router and trust that you’ll remember to update your inventory log later. 

Then in walks Kevin…he can’t connect to Wifi. Again. KEVIN, WRITE THE PASSWORD DOWN THIS TIME. And now Michael is panicking. He decided to set up for his presentation to the sales team at the last minute and needs a projector IMMEDIATELY.

Is the projector even in this building? And where were you with this dying laptop? Wait, who did you give that router to earlier? This office is the human equivalent of a DDoS attack!

You need coffee. You need a break. You need an incredibly simple IT asset tracking system. 

The creators of Sortly feel your pain, so we created a solution. An IT asset tracking system so easy to use, even Kevin can figure it out. Here’s how IT professionals use Sortly:

1. Track equipment usage.

Who last borrowed the demo laptop? Oh yeah, Toby used it last month. Connect and scan barcodes or QR codes, or create custom labels. Give your team access (with customized permissions) and they can make changes and updates to inventory. You can also track activity by user and across multiple locations. Oh…and there’s no limit on the number of assets you can track.

2. Manage IT parts on the go. 

Stay on top of your inventory anytime, anywhere. Sortly is cloud-based and works great on desktop, mobile, and tablet. Locate a laptop on the road, check items out remotely, and track IT parts from just about any place you happen to be.

3. Manage software assets.

Sortly stores and tracks hardware details like purchase date, purchase price, warranty dates, maintenance and service dates, etc. You can even set date-based alerts to notify you when a warranty is due to expire, for example.

4. Pretty much whatever else you need.

Sortly is intuitive and flexible. Think of an inventory management system you’d like, and it’ll be a snap to implement. Getting started requires ZERO lengthy sales visits or how-to guides. You’ll be up and running right away, all on your own.

Check out this short video introducing Sortly.

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