11 Inspiring Ways to Organize Your Home

Summer is approaching and the count down to vacation season is over! It’s time for some summer fun and exciting outdoor activities. Time away from home is lovely and relaxing, but who wants to come back to a messy and cluttered place?

After a nice vacation or hike outdoors, coming back to an unorganized place is irritating and even unnerving for some (neat freaks can relate).  If you haven’t started your spring cleaning projects yet, here are some inspiring ideas to get you jump started.

Take it step-by-step, one room at a time, and your house or apartment will be prepped and ready for the summer season. Feel at ease when you return from vacation, it is your home sweet home after all!


1.  How to Organize Your Closet
Guest post by Cheryl Leahy (@CJAllDressedUp) via @ShopGirlDaily

Use Pinterest and create a board of the items you already have in your closet.  This is a great way to rework your wardrobe and really concentrate on what you have and what you need.  It’s a great way to jump start your closet project and visualize your wardrobe.

2.  Tips for Organizing Your Closet (read: Your Life)
Post by Jeanene Mack (@JeaneneMack) via A Child Grows in Brooklyn (@achildgrows)

Ready to purge your closet and get organized?  Easier said than done!  These great tips will help you part with the clothes you don’t need and make room for your next seasonal shopping spree.  The best part?  You end up with a neatly organized closet and you get to give back by donating your clothes to charity.

3.  How to Organize Your Shoe Collection
Post by Karen Curtis (@yourstylistkar)

Do you like them in a box or on a shelf? Check out these five different ways to keep your shoes organized.


4.  Get Organized: Kitchen Cabinets
Post by Emma Chapman (@elsiecake) of A Beautiful Mess

Your kitchen can be daunting to organize and keep clean considering all the cooking and the mess we tend to make in it.  An unorganized kitchen can also lead to duplicate items in your inventory and cost you in the long run.  Take these measures to get your kitchen cabinets organized!  Hint: step one is to take an inventory of all your items and see how much space you have to store everything.

5.  Organize the Kitchen with Dollar General
Post by Leanne Jacobs (@ODELeanne)

If you’re in desperate need of a spring cleaning on a tight budget, find savings by using items from the dollar store.  The dollar store is full of useful tools like small plastic baskets to help you keep the fridge in order!  Check out these tips to organize your kitchen on a budget and use the savings for some summer fun.


6.  10 Bathroom Organizing Solutions
Post by Jamie F of Bugs and Beans (@BugsandBeans)

Bathrooms are difficult to keep organized but don’t fret, start by using these ten clever DIY projects.  Try these quick and simple tips to help you keep all your bathroom drawers, toiletries, hair styling tools, hair pins, and makeup in order.

7.  Organize Your Toiletries in Minutes
Post by Becky of Clean Mama (@cleanmamablog)

Dreading the thought of getting your bathroom organized?  It doesn’t have to be that way.  Take a look at these quick and easy tips to get your toiletries organized in minutes!  While you’re at it, use this opportunity to wipe down and clean the surfaces your toiletries occupy.

 8.  How to Organize a Bathroom
Post by Tracie Utter of Utterly Organized (@tracieutter)

We spend a lot of time in the bathroom with our daily routines.  Follow these great steps to strategically lay out your bathroom for a hassle-free and aesthetically pleasing area to tidy yourself up.  Remember, the key is to continue your efforts daily and put things back to where they belong.

9.  How to Organize the Medicine Cabinet
Post by Jamie via @Time2Save blog

When was the last time you did a medicine cabinet purge?  First, get rid of all your expired meds then sort based on symptoms for an easy way to find what you need.


10.  7-Day Plan: Get a Spotless, Beautifully Organized Garage
Post by Laura Gaskill, contributor of Houzz (@houzz)

Do you feel like your garage is a black hole of your home?  Keep your garage clean and under control by decluttering and creating a storage plan.  This 7-day plan helps you take one step a day to get your garage in order and prepare you for your fun summer activities.

11.  Time To Sort Out The Mess – 20 Tips For A Well-Organized Garage
Post from the Homedit blog (@homeditcom)

If you love DIY projects and life hacks, you will love these 20 tips to organize your garage.  Learn how to repurpose old furniture, recycled PVC pipes, spice tins, and many more ideas with these 20 ways to organize your garage.