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10 Ways Hospitals & Urgent Care Centers Use Sortly’s Medical Inventory Management Software

A hospital pharmacist uses a tablet to inventory medicine.

Hospitals and urgent care centers have tons of tasks to juggle, but one priority supersedes all others: the health and safety of their patients and employees. 

Everything else, especially during challenging times, can turn into a big distraction. This applies to overwhelming tasks like inventory, too.

From N95 masks and gloves to thermometers and hospital gowns, your hospital, emergency room or urgent care center requires thousands of items just to get through the day. Running out of anything—especially essential inventory—could be a real crisis. 

To avoid problems, your practice may rely on over-ordering. While this might help you feel less stressed, it can create other problems for your operation, including excessive operating costs, wasted and expired products, and disorganized, chaotic storage rooms. 

If you’re an employee at a hospital or urgent care center that’s overwhelmed by a disorganized inventory system, don’t fret. You can start getting your inventory under control today with inventory management software that was designed to be smart, intuitive and hassle-free. 

Check out this list of ten ways Sortly can help your team simplify and modernize its inventory, so you can get back to what really matters: the patients in your care!

1. Know what supplies you’ve already got

Wondering how many nasal swabs you’ve got in your urgent care center? You don’t have to ask your administrative team to stop what they’re doing and count. Nobody needs to search every nook and cranny of your facility. With medical inventory management software, you can simply check your virtual inventory for an up-to-date count. 

No spreadsheets, no pen and paper. Just access to tons of details about your products, all available via phone, tablet or traditional computer with the click of a button. To make your life even easier, an in-app scanner simplifies searching for items. Find and update any item in your inventory, no matter how vast your stocklist is. Sortly’s medical inventory management software solution was specifically designed to ensure you always know what you have, where it is and what it looks like.

Medical inventory management software is used on both a smartphone and a laptop.

2. Find out who’s using what

Sortly makes understanding how, when and by whom your inventory is stocked, stored, moved around or depleted. If you rely on a pen-and-paper inventory management strategy, you probably have no idea why products disappear. Sortly changes all that. You’ll always know what users are interacting with your inventory, and you’ll gain immediate insight into what’s being used and what’s being left to gather dust. 

You can also set custom permissions for every single user who can access your inventory. 

All this information and control can reveal valuable details about your employees, your inventory and what’s affecting your bottom line. And that’s a win for everybody!

A list of team members who have access to medical inventory management is listed on a screen.

3. Pinpoint the location of medical supplies and equipment

As an employee of a hospital or urgent care center, you’re part of a fast-paced, essential operation. You do not have time to look for important inventory; it needs to be in the right place, no matter what. Of course, in a facility full of cabinets and storage closets, it’s easy to lose track of even the most important inventory.

Sortly can save you precious time and money by keeping track of where your inventory is located. The carefully-designed inventory management software makes creating customized folders a breeze, so you can know exactly what’s in each of your patient rooms, storage areas and even off-site holding centers. 


4. Get important alerts about your inventory’s status

When a bagel shop runs out of everything bagels, it’s less than ideal. But when your medical facility runs out of collection tubes, it’s a legitimate nightmare. That’s why Sortly alerts customers when inventory stock falls, approaches expiration or nears end-of-warranty dates. All you need to do is customize when and how you’d like to receive these alerts: via email, within the app, or both.

5. Stop nervously over-ordering stuff you don’t need

Between an easy-to-search, detail-rich visual inventory and customizable alerts, Sortly will take much of the stress out of managing your inventory. It’ll help you feel freedom from panicked, last-minute over-ordering, too. 

Of course, this applies to under-ordering, too. Knowledge is power, and sticking with an inventory management strategy that’s smart and simple will help you order the right amount of product with confidence.

6. Stay on top of extra-important expiration dates

If you run a coffee shop, it’s fairly important to keep an eye on when the warranty for your milk frother expires. But if you run an emergency room, it’s downright essential to know when your amoxicillin expires. You just cannot risk missing this date. 

Sortly is inventory automation software: it uses technology to perfect pesky, challenging tasks. If your healthcare facility stocks thousands of items, keeping track of when things expire without a good system in place is just impossible. Luckily, Sortly makes it easy.

Customized medical inventory alerts are managed and displayed on a laptop and a smartphone.

7. Eliminate human error with barcodes and QR codes

Urgent care centers and hospitals order a lot of items that look alike and sound alike. That can make any task that requires eyeballing inventory quite prone to human error. When you audit inventory with your eyes alone, it’s easy to make mistakes, even if you’re being extra careful.

But using barcodes can reduce administrative errors by more than 40%—and your healthcare facility absolutely should. Why wouldn’t you want to ensure you’re ordering and inventorying all your products thoroughly and accurately?

If you’re scared of technology, don’t be. Barcodes and QR codes are really easy to use, store a ton of data and can shave hours off of your inventory management protocol. Most things you order are already labeled with a barcode or QR code. If not, don’t sweat it: Sortly allows you to print custom QR codes in seconds. 

You can use your smartphone (or a scanner, if you prefer) to access details about a product, make changes to your stock, check items in and out, add notes or important dates, change an item’s location and so much more. 

Medical inventory management software on a smartphone is used to scan a QR code on a box of gloves.

8. Keep all your employees up to date and in the know

Every office—whether a tiny cafe or a busy hospital—has that one employee who knows everything. Unfortunately, relying on one fantastic, organized employee for vital information is not a sustainable inventory management strategy. After all, what would happen if that employee got sick, found a new job or went on leave?

Sortly makes sharing knowledge easy and accessible. If somebody from the front desk has a question about inventory, all they need to do is search Sortly for the answer using a smartphone, tablet or computer. No fancy equipment or digging through a filing cabinet required. Oh, and definitely no calling an employee while they’re out sick or on leave—or even on their lunch break.

Activity history of team members is visualized on inventory management software.

9. Stop wasting money on fancy inventory equipment and software

Old-fashioned inventory management systems can be bulky, easy-to-break and really, really expensive. Sortly is, assuredly, none of those things. Sortly is a best-selling app that’s priced competitively, cloud-based and ready to use today.

Notably, Sortly runs on equipment you’ve already purchased, like computers, smartphones and tablets. Even much-desired features like a QR code and barcode scanner require no additional investment—your phone or tablet’s camera will do the trick, whether your team uses Androids or iPhones.

10. Train everybody in just a few minutes

The work you do really matters, and time doesn’t stop for you and your team—ever. There’s just no good way to take a day or two off to learn new software. But with Sortly, you can train even the least tech-savvy of employees in a few minutes. 

Sortly was designed to be super-duper easy-to-use, and it works like your brain works. But if you ever do need help, our friendly support team is happy to help. 

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Medical inventory management software is shown on a laptop, tablet and smartphone.

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