With Sortly, Your Next Move Will be Your Easiest Yet.

From scrapbooks to furniture, Sortly’s moving inventory app makes organizing your move a breeze. With our home inventory app for moving, you can:

Know exactly what stuff is in what box.

Maintain a full visual inventory—even if it’s packed up or in a storage unit.

Create barcodes and QR codes for each box.

See everything you’ve packed, all in one place.

Stop organizing your moving inventory on a sheet of paper—and start tracking what you’ve got right on your phone, tablet, or computer. With Sortly’s moving and packing app, you’ll unlock:

A visual, detailed look at every last item you’ve packed up.

In-depth reports about the condition, value, and status of your stuff.

A chance to get organized… and stay that way once you’ve unpacked.

Help your household get and stay organized.

Moving is stressful. Whether you’re downsizing or moving to your dream home across the country, Sortly lets you:

Upload high-resolution photos so you can visualize every item.

Organize your inventory by room, season, urgency, or anything else.

Easily keep track of items you’re placing in temporary storage.

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Truly customizable moving inventory software.

Every move is a little different—from your belongings to your packing style to your preferences. Sortly’s flexibility allows you to customize your software in a way that makes sense to you.

Organize folders, categories, and tags however you’d like.

Decide what custom details to track—like room, value, or day to open.

Attach packing lists to every box, then scan the QR code to find out what’s inside.

A home inventory app for moving that’s easy to use.

Sortly was designed for everyone—even your kids can help out! No day-long orientations or lengthy manuals required. Just an intuitive, customizable app designed to streamline your next home move.

Super easy to use.

Get organized as you pack.

Share your inventory lists with family members.

Sortly’s moving inventory software features.

Easy Inventory Import

Easy inventory import transfers your existing inventory into Sortly with the touch of a button.


Enter your items and track key details about them, such as quantity, location, and cost.

Item Photos

Add item photos to your entries to create a visual inventory and track appearance and condition details.

Custom Folders

Custom folders so you can organize your stuff exactly how you want it.

Custom Fields

Custom fields so you can track the unique details that matter to you and custom-segment your items.

Inventory Lists

Inventory lists perfect for audits, budgeting, or forecasting.

User Licenses

User licenses so you can collaborate with your team and even your clients.

Customizable User Access

Customizable user access ensures you share the right info with the right people.

Activity History

Activity history provides visibility into user updates so you know who did what, and when.

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