Electronics Inventory Management Made Easy.

Manage your electronics inventory from any device, any location with our easy-to-use inventory app.

Sortly electronics inventory management

Organize and manage electronics inventory in one easy app.

Here's how our smart, flexible inventory system helps you manage your inventory.

  • Organize your electronics and parts

    in a way that makes sense for your unique business, whether you manufacture, distribute, or both. It's easy with our flexible folder system.

  • Manage electronics inventory in real time

    as items progress from parts and WIP inventory to finished goods—and change hands and locations.

  • Track custom details

    about your electronics inventory throughout the production process, such as quantity, cost, SKU, manufacturer, and more. Plus, add tags, item photos, and even custom barcodes.

Warehouse professionals managing electronics inventory

Drive efficiency with a smarter electronics inventory solution.

Say goodbye to outdated spreadsheets. Here's how we optimize your electronics inventory management.

  • Speed up inventory processes.

    Quickly create an accurate bill of materials, estimate costs, and use barcoding to add bulk inventory shipments instantly.

  • Save time and money

    by knowing what parts you have in stock and where they are stored. You can even set low stock alerts to remind you when and how much to re-order.

  • Drive ROI

    by avoiding inventory-related delays and parts stock-outs, leading to better planning and more streamlined order fulfillment.

Sortly electronics inventory management software shown on a smartphone pictured with an engineer in the background

More control over your electronics inventory operations.

Customize your inventory system and decide who can view and update inventory.

  • Grant customizable user access for your contractors and team members.

  • Control who can view, edit, and update inventory in the system.

  • Monitor electronics inventory and employee activity to improve your operations.

Electronics components

What our industry customers say.

Sortly Customer Balloons Unlimited

"Sortly has added hours and confidence to my life! As a sole proprietor with an overwhelming amount of inventory, that comes and goes in the blink of an eye, I needed a system that could keep up. Sortly excels at keeping it all organized. I am very happy with it! "

Jay Van Deusen Rainbow International Restoration

"I run an insurance restoration company and we keep about $30,000 in supplies on average. This helps us manage, order, and protect our inventory. We use three people to manage this process and it saves me about 20% of the value each year. "

Dusty S. Aireserv Heating & Cooling

"Pictures say it all. Every item has a picture so they are very easily identifiable. The ability to use Sortly on all mobile devices is perfect for what we do. [It’s] the best app on the market for inventory. "

Top Sortly features.

Organize, track, and manage electronics inventory with ease.

Inventory location tracking
Mobile Access

Use Sortly on your smartphone or tablet to update your inventory from anywhere.

Inventory Location Tracking
Inventory Location Tracking

Set up custom folders and subfolders based on your business's locations and track your items as they move across warehouses, trucks, and more.

Low stock alerts for inventory
Low Stock Alerts

Get notified when an item is running low so you always re-order the right amount.

Barcode and qr scanning for inventory
Barcode & QR Scanning

Scan barcodes from your smartphone to instantly add, update, and manage your items faster and more accurately.

Label generation for inventory
Label Generation

Create and print custom barcode labels—perfect for checking equipment and tools in and out.

Customizable user access
Customizable User Access

Control who from your team can view, edit, and update inventory in Sortly.

Inventory item photos
Item Photos

Track the appearance and condition of your items over time by adding photos to item entries.

Inventory and asset tracking reports

Monitor inventory history and data, activity history, and user actions with customizable reporting.

About Sortly.

Sortly makes managing inventory easy.

Sortly helps you track, manage, and organize your inventory—from any device, in any location. We’re an easy-to-use inventory solution that’s perfect for small businesses. Sortly builds inventory tracking seamlessly into your workday so you can save time and money, satisfy your customers, and help your business succeed.

We’re a smart, flexible solution.

With Sortly, you can track inventory, supplies, parts, tools, assets like equipment and machinery, and anything else that matters to your business. It comes equipped with smart features like barcoding & QR coding, low stock alerts, customizable folders, data-rich reporting, and much more. Best of all, you can update inventory right from your smartphone, whether you’re on the job, in the warehouse, or on the go.

Our customers love us.

Whether you’re just getting started with inventory management or you’re an expert looking for a more efficient solution, we can transform how your company manages inventory—so you can focus on building your business. That’s why over 10,000 businesses globally trust us as their inventory management solution.

Try Sortly free for 14 days.

Transform how your electronics business does inventory today.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How does Sortly work?

Sortly is an easy-to-use inventory solution that’s perfect for small businesses. Here's how it works in 5 easy steps.

1. Get organized by creating folders and adding custom fields for items you want to track, such as quantity, location, and cost. Import existing inventory lists to populate them instantly in Sortly.

2. Add custom details for your items such as tags, photos, and low stock alerts. You can also customize user access to share the right info with the right people.

3. Scan in new items with barcodes and QR codes and even add labels to physical inventory, tools, equipment, and machinery to track them in Sortly.

4. Seamlessly update inventory in real time from any device, any location. Even if you’re on the job without an internet connection, Sortly will update offline and sync later.

5. Get data-rich reports on items, folders, user histories, stock levels, and more. Use reports to inform reordering, planning, auditing, and better monitoring your operations.

What can I track with Sortly?

With Sortly, you can track anything and everything you use for your business. That includes inventory, supplies, materials, tools, equipment, assets, WIP inventory, and even non-physical assets like software licenses.

Is Sortly compatible with my device?

Yes! You can access Sortly through our mobile app on any iPhone or Android device or log in to Sortly from your desktop computer. Sortly syncs automatically between all devices and users.

Can my whole team use Sortly?

Yes! It’s easy to add users to your Sortly account so they can start tracking inventory, too. Sortly is so easy and intuitive there’s no training required. You can also customize your team’s access to control who can see, edit, and update what in the system. Make sure you select a Sortly plan with the right amount of user licenses you need.

How does the free trial work?

You can try Sortly free for two weeks! You will receive all the features and access of the full paid product during the 14-day trial period once you provide a valid credit card.