Customize Your Inventory with Custom Fields.

Add custom fields to your inventory to track unique, customized details with ease.

About Sortly custom fields.

Custom fields allow you to track unique details about your inventory items.

Track unique information.

  • Create custom fields

    to track any item or folder-related details in Sortly.

  • Popular custom field examples

    include cost, price, manufacturer, color, serial number, date, status, warranty information, and more.

  • Track details, attach files,

    and even add barcodes with custom fields.

  • Filter your reports in Sortly

    using custom fields for more precise insights.

Choose from 12 custom field types.

  • Small text box (190 character limit)

  • Large large box (4000 character limit)

  • Number field (rounded)

  • Number field (with decimal points)

  • Checkbox

  • Dropdown

  • Date & time selector

  • Barcode Scanner

  • Weblink

  • Phone Number

  • Email Address

  • File Attachment

The benefits of using Sortly custom fields.

Customizing your inventory can help you streamline workflows, reduce manual tasks, and save time.

Increased flexibility and adaptability.

  • Track unique information

    specific to your inventory and processes. Standard inventory apps have predefined fields, but your needs might be unique.

  • Tailor your tracking to what's relevant,

    whether it's size, color, supplier, warranty information, or anything else crucial for your business.

  • Filter inventory reporting by custom fields

    to better analyze trends, identify patterns, and gain insights.

Improved operational efficiency.

  • Reduce manual data entry and errors

    by utilizing pre-populated fields and drop-down options for specific categories.

  • Improve accuracy and traceability

    with enhanced record-keeping and visibility throughout the supply chain.

  • Optimize inventory levels

    by better understanding inventory demand and lifecycles.

Top Sortly features.

Our powerful features help you organize, track, and manage inventory with ease.

Mobile Access:

Use Sortly on your smartphone or tablet to update your inventory from anywhere.

Inventory Location Tracking:

Set up custom folders and subfolders based on your business's locations and track your items as they move across warehouses, trucks, job sites, and more.

Low Stock Alerts:

Get notified when an item is running low so you always re-order the right amount.

Barcode & QR Scanning:

Scan barcodes from your smartphone to instantly add, update, and manage your items with greater speed and accuracy.

Label Generation:

Create and print custom barcode labels from Sortly—perfect for checking equipment and tools in and out.

Customizable User Access:

Control who from your team can view, edit, and update inventory in Sortly.

Item Photos:

Track the appearance and condition of your items over time by adding photos to item entries.


Monitor inventory history and data, activity history, and user actions with customizable reporting.

Browse Sortly’s inventory management solutions.

No matter what you need to track, Sortly has you covered.

Inventory Management

Manage your business’s entire inventory, including items used internally and those sold externally to customers.

Asset Tracking

Track the assets your business repeatedly uses to provide its goods and services: equipment, machinery, vehicles, tools, and more.

Supplies and Equipment Tracking

Track the supplies and consumables your business consumes to provide its services.


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