Tips from a mom: Packing when traveling with kids

featuring Ms. Alfa Sengupta of Lightly Sprinkled. Find her on Twitter @AlfaSengupta.

Sortly: Please introduce yourself.

Alfa: Hi! I’m Alfa and I live out in Austin, Texas with my best friend who just happens to be my husband as well!  Together, we have a beautiful baby girl who is almost nine months old! I am a full-time blogger at, and small business owner on Storenvy where I sell my artwork.

I have an obsession with coffee. Am a huge foodie and love to cook.  A fan of DIY for home and party decor! Love holidays and mismatched mugs! =)

What is your inspiration?

I started writing this blog in March 2013 to document my pregnancy so that my friends and family members all over the world could feel connected to us while we went through this amazing journey. Once I realized how much I enjoyed blogging, I knew that I wanted to keep writing to share my stories about mommy-hood and parenting blunders/successes with my readers. Over the past year, I’ve started writing more and more about my recipes, DIY projects, home-decor, and whatever else is running through my head. I get inspired daily with all the things that I’m experiencing as new mother, and all that my life has to offer everyday. I’m so thankful to have a little corner of the internet to document our life and all the little things that come with it.

How did you find Sortly?

I love organization and would die without it, given that I’m a mom. I feel like once you become a mom, you unfortunately get this disease called mom brain, which I’m sure gets transferred over from pregnancy brain! The definition of this disease: You will not remember anything! Things literally just fall out of my head nowadays since I’m juggling a million things in my brain at once. I happened to be searching for an organization tool on the app store one day since I’m on my iPhone constantly!

Enter Sortly. So incredibly helpful for a mom these days!

How did you use Sortly?

I used Sortly recently when we decided to take our first vacation with a baby to Mexico. Now, we’ve travelled numerous times as husband and wife and that was relatively simple, but I knew when I added a baby to the mix it was going to different and tougher. Namely, packing. Turns out when you have to travel with a little one, most of your suitcases end up with more of their things than yours!

To organize everything, I turned to Sortly (see below). This way I knew exactly what items were going to be in what suitcase so I could keep track of everything. It was extremely helpful when I landed as well because I needed something right when we got to the hotel. Given how hot it was in Mexico, I knew sunscreen would be needed to protect my baby’s soft, delicate skin. I quickly pulled out the Sortly app, and I was able to find the baby sunscreen because I knew exactly where I had packed it! GENIUS! Sortly for the win folks! It’s a complete no brainer for moms who need and love organization!