by Shaz K

5 Ways to Organize Your Valuable Collections without getting Overwhelmed

Thursday 16, Nov 2017

Don't Get Overwhelmed, Get Organized
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It started off innocently enough. Out of all the knick-knacks in the thrift store, that pair of shoes caught your eye. You had to have it. So you got it. A few months later, you find that you’ve amassed quite a collection of shoes. It’s okay, this happens. Collecting is fun. Whether the item is a record, comic book, coin, or shoe, anyone can find something they’d like to have more of.

What isn’t so fun is having a disorganized collection. Don’t worry, we know — organizing your collection can be overwhelming. But don’t fret. Sortly is here to help you nail down the basics so you can make collecting stress-free!

1. Environment is Everything

The environment that you put your collection in can determine if your valuables stay pristine or start deteriorating in a couple of weeks. Doing some due diligence and researching the ideal conditions for your collectibles is prudent. Generally speaking, most items do best in a clean, cool, and dry environment that is at room temperature.

It’s also important to think about possibilities of environmental damage. Items like comic books or records don’t do well when close to a direct light source or air conditioning vent. Your attic or basement may seem like prime locations until you remember that one is prone to roof leaks and the other could become flooded. These factors are sneaky but integral to take into account.

The last environment factor to consider is expansion. Pick a space that ensures your collection will have plenty of room to grow. Limiting yourself as a collector defeats the whole purpose of the hobby.

Organize your collection

2. Are You All About Access or Aesthetics?

Your personal preference and the type of item you’re collecting play central roles in determining whether your collection is arranged for aesthetics or access. If you’re a movie buff, you’ll probably want your film collection on a shelf next to your TV. On the other hand, it’s probably best if you kept those rare postage stamps hidden away in a dark nook.

Then there is that unique category of collectibles like expensive dinnerware, which you want your friends to see but not touch. So you borrow a strategy from your local museum and put those dishes in a locked display case.

Of course, displaying your collection doesn’t have to strictly be access or aesthetics. But involving both usually requires a compromise.  For example, you can still install some beautiful shelves that make your action figures look awesome. But you have to expect some minor wear and tear from taking it off the shelf numerous times to play with.

Catalog Your Collectibles

3. Make Sure You’re Cataloging As You Go Along

Cataloging is the task that collectors collectively hate. But keeping an inventory of your items is absolutely necessary. Whether you’re documenting your antique collection for insurance purposes, or you’re trying to figure out which two of the 50 state coins you still need, cataloging can save you from wasting tons of time.

The great part is that cataloging is not as bad as it used to be. Before, the process involved a mess of spreadsheets, time, and meticulous note-taking. Sortly streamlines this entire process so all you need is your phone. Simply take a picture of your collectible and track as many details as you’d like. Want to organize your collection alphabetically instead of by date bought? With just a few clicks, Sortly just saved you hours of monotonous work. Did you forget if you already have Hawaii’s state quarter? Find out in less than a minute.

According to Mobile Technology Product [bctt tweet=”Using your phone together with other organizational tools can improve your time management by 38%.” username=””] Spend some time now getting organized and you’ll save yourself hundreds of hours in the future.

Check out how Natalie from Refined Rooms  organizes her Sports memorabilia collection with Sortly.

Organize Your Valuable Collections with SortlyOrganizing Collections with Sortly App

4. Consistent Cataloguing, Cleaning, and Maintenance is Key

Scheduling a routine maintenance session for your collection is the smart thing to do.  During this time, you can catalog any new items, remove any old ones you don’t want anymore, and tie up any other loose ends.

As they say with cars, maintenance is always better than repair. Similarly, it’s easier to put two books in their correct places than realizing three months later that you need to re-catalog your entire collection.

Organize your valuable collection

5. Keeping Collecting Fun

Take some of the tips above that you found useful, and try applying them to your collection. Do what works for you. Everyone has a different style to organizing their collection. At the end of the day, there’s no wrong way to organize a collection. But there could be more fun ways to do it.  There’s nothing wrong with experimenting and finding what works for you.

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