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Customer Success Story: How Markiewicz Dental Transformed Their Supplies Management with Sortly

December 20, 2023 • 4 min read

For over three and a half decades, Markiewicz Dental has been providing exceptional dental services to the Mundelein, Illinois community. Among the factors that contribute to Markiewicz Dental’s success is its unwavering commitment to efficiency and organization—a philosophy that extends to its inventory management practices.

Managing inventory effectively is crucial for any dental practice, as it ensures that essential supplies are always readily available. This helps drive excellent customer care, streamlined service, and, ultimately, efficiency. Here’s how Markiewicz Dental overhauled their inventory management with the help of Sortly and built a more efficient, organized dental practice.


David Markiewicz tells his Sortly story and gives an honest review in this insightful video—check it out!

Why Markiewicz Dental Needed a New Solution

Markiewicz Dental understands the significance of streamlined inventory management. The practice keeps a comprehensive inventory of over 600 types of dental supplies, many of which are used daily. Prior to adopting Sortly inventory software, Markiewicz Dental faced challenges in tracking and managing its vast supply of materials.

David Markiewicz, the practice’s owner, recalls the frustrations of manual inventory management: “Before Sortly, we had no way of tracking inventory—it was extremely arbitrary. Every week I would open up some cabinets and try to see what was missing. Frequently, assistants at our office would just leave sticky notes on my computer telling me we were out of a certain item. Tracking down supplies was frustrating and ordering was extremely inefficient.”

Why Good Inventory Management Matters to Markiewicz Dental

Effective inventory management is not just about keeping supplies stocked; it’s about ensuring that the practice runs smoothly and efficiently. For Markiewicz Dental, having the right supplies at the right time is paramount to providing exceptional patient care. “The last thing you want is your dentist to run out of anesthetic when you’re getting your tooth filled,” David points out.

Beyond patient satisfaction, good inventory management also impacts the practice’s bottom line. With Sortly, Markiewicz Dental has seen a significant reduction in supply costs. “Prior to using Sortly, our office was spending roughly 8% of our overhead on supplies,” David explains. “Since implementing Sortly, we’ve seen that percentage dramatically drop to 4.5%. Sortly has saved us money but also provided our office with a new level of cleanliness and organization.”


How Markiewicz Dental Transformed Their Inventory Management with Sortly

Sortly’s user-friendly interface and innovative features have transformed Markiewicz Dental’s inventory management practices. To start, the practice organized its inventory in Sortly to mirror the physical inventory organization in their practice using custom folders. This makes it easy and intuitive to find and update items; for instance, if an employee is in Stockroom A, they simply pull up the Stockroom A folder in Sortly to see every item stored in that room.

Within each room are clear bins containing a different type of supply. Each bin has a Sortly QR code label on the outside. This makes it easy for staff to track inventory levels and reorder supplies. With the Sortly mobile app, Markiewicz Dental staff can scan the QR code of any item they use, instantly updating the quantity in the system. This real-time tracking ensures that the practice is always aware of its inventory levels and can anticipate reordering needs. 


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Markiewicz Dental shares how they organized their dental office supplies with Sortly.

Sortly’s low stock alerts have proven to be invaluable, notifying the practice when an item is running low. These alerts serve as timely reminders to re-order supplies, preventing stockouts and ensuring that essential materials are always available. Re-ordering was a major pain point prior to adopting Sortly. “We would suddenly realize we were out of an essential supply and be forced to pay overnight shipping to get it in ASAP. Frequently, we would get that shipment in only to realize that we actually had lots of that supply hiding somewhere else in the office.” Using low stock alerts helped eradicate this issue and ensure timely re-ordering of the right supplies in the right quantities— saving the practice both time and money.

The notes feature in Sortly has also become an integral part of Markiewicz Dental’s inventory management process. When marking an item as “low stock,” staff members can add notes suggesting different flavors, colors, or materials to order based on their observations and patient preferences.


Markiewicz Dental’s adoption of Sortly has not just streamlined their inventory management; it has also enhanced the practice’s overall efficiency and organization. With Sortly, Markiewicz Dental can provide exceptional patient care, confident that the necessary supplies are always readily available. 

Sortly helps dental practices and many other types of businesses organize, track, and manage their inventory. Our intuitive, customizable inventory app allows you to track your inventory from any device, in any location. Are you ready for a smarter, more efficient inventory solution? Learn more about Sortly and start your free trial today.