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How to Operate an A+ School Inventory Management System

August 23, 2021 • 5 min read

Your students are headed back to school, but where is your inventory? If you’re still tracking items manually, there’s a good chance things are misplaced, or worse, missing completely. We’ve traded the chalkboard for the smartboard, the abacus for the calculator…now it’s time to modernize your “old school” inventory management software

Here’s why your inventory tracking method is flunking out, and what to do instead:

F-: No Consistency: Looking for an item at another campus? Might as well be the Bermuda Triangle. Despite your best efforts to coordinate, it seems like each location has its own system and spreadsheet. And none of them work very well. 

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A+: Many Locations, One System: Sortly makes it simple to unite your sites. A broad variety of inventory fits in one tracking system. You can use the same school inventory management software to track sports equipment at the field, chemistry equipment in the science wing, and software in the computer lab. Items in stock, in storage, and in use are all accounted for at the touch of a button…err, smartphone screen.


F-: Overstocked or Underprepared: If you can’t get easy, accurate inventory reports, waste is inevitable. You may have way too much of an item and need to discard unused inventory, or worse…you unexpectedly run out of something you need and pay a premium to replace it quickly in an emergency.

A+: Responsive Inventory Counts: With simple inventory status reporting, you’ll be able to keep your inventory at the desired levels. Sortly even enables you to set customized stock level alerts, so you’ll be able to order extras in ample time. You’ll also be prepared for stock turnovers and the replacement of obsolete items. 


F-: Lost Assets and Zero Accountability: Equipment in frequent circulation has a high risk of lost assets. Once checked out, equipment is likely to change hands several more times without being formally documented. Plus, there’s no good way to account for item condition when checked out and returned. Not only is time wasted, lost and damaged items need to be replaced. The costs stack up.

A+: Thorough, Simple Records: Items can be checked in and out wherever the item is, using whatever device is on hand. You’ll know exactly where each item is and who has it. Plus, notes and hi-res pictures can be easily uploaded to document the condition of the item at each step of the way.


F-: Too Complicated. Without simple school inventory management software, the inventory process is extremely time-consuming, and a little bit convoluted. While your team does their best to stick to the system, they’re distracted by other work duties. What’s the result? Lost assets. Lost money. Some serious explaining to do during audits.

A+: Easy and Intuitive. Your team is much more likely to adhere to the inventory process when they have a simple, accessible tool. The Sortly app requires almost no training to use. Set customized permissions for anyone who needs access and they’re ready to go.


F-: Human Error. According to research, people doing data entry have about a 1% error rate. So if your team is manually recording bar codes, 1 in 10 are likely compromised in some way. And once the error is made, it’s extremely difficult to catch and correct. 

A+: Barcode Scanners. Sortly uses existing barcodes or printable QR codes to track materials and items. All your team needs is their smartphone and the Sortly app to scan items in and out. No extra equipment needed.


F-: Tied to the Desktop: Life doesn’t happen behind a desk anymore. If you need to be at your computer to search and update your school inventory system, you’re losing hours of your day. Worse still…having to wait on contacts at various sites to provide inventory information. 

A+: Fully Mobile Inventory Software: Sortly works great on desktop, tablet, and smartphone. Users won’t need a complicated installation; they just need to download the app. You’ll be able to keep tabs on your items instantly from wherever you happen to be. 



Extra Credit: Monetize your excess inventory! With Sortly’s school inventory management software, it’s easy to identify equipment you won’t need short-term and lease it out. Ca-ching!

Sortly is used by schools and universities like Yale, Rutgers, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, UCLA, and USC, as well as smaller educational institutions. 

More About Sortly

Sortly is a super simple inventory and asset tracking system that enables you to visually track all your items and any of their details including quantity, price, and condition—for a more intuitive (and less maddening) way for your team to track inventory across multiple locations. 

Unlike other inventory tracking systems, you won’t need any lengthy sales visits or a 100-page guide to figure out Sortly. It’s built so you can have it up and running in minutes, all on your own. 

It’s time to say goodbye to misplaced items, complicated spreadsheets, and time-consuming “solutions” so you can spend less time inventorying and more time making your school amazing.

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