Employee Spotlight

Sortly Employee Spotlight: Meet Monica McCleary 

April 25, 2022 • 4 min read

Our team members are an integral part of what makes Sortly a great place to work. Every month, we’ll be spotlighting a member of the Sortly team to learn about their role, their accomplishments, their challenges, and their journey at Sortly. 

We’re kicking off our employee spotlight series with our talented Director of Customer Experience and Sales Operations, Monica McCleary. Monica currently leads our Customer Experience team, which encompasses Support, Success, and Sales Operations. As one of our first employees, she has played a critical role in Sortly’s evolution as a company. Here’s what Monica had to say about her journey at Sortly and what advice she has for prospective candidates.

How long have you worked at Sortly?

Three years next month!

What does your role entail?

My role has evolved in my years at Sortly, but I generally work to solve the company’s most pressing operational needs as we grow. From CX to Sales to Success, I focus on anything that will operationalize our customers’ experience. Currently, I’m focused on building out our Commercial Customer Success function and improving our sales operations processes so that we can scale. 

What gets you excited to come to work each morning?

I firmly believe that people are what make anything special. Sortly is filled with incredibly intelligent, thoughtful, and interesting people who constantly have perspectives that make me think about things in different ways. I also love being a people manager. Supporting and empowering my team is the work I do that makes me feel like I matter.

Monica McCleary and dog

What originally attracted you to Sortly? And how has Sortly changed since you joined?

I joined Sortly as the fourth employee, when anything and everything needed doing. I was attracted to building out a CX function from the ground up, which I was fortunate enough to be able to do. And now? We’re a growing company with departments made up of teams instead of individuals. It’s been great to watch the evolution of the product and the team structure.

What advice do you have for prospective Sortly candidates?

Be adaptable. Look for where you can make a difference. Remember that we’re all just people working together and making decisions to create the best possible product for our customers.

What do you find most challenging at Sortly?

For me, scaling is the best and worst thing about most startups. Learning to work cross-functionally as the team grows and needing to switch priorities quickly is something that takes time to grow comfortable with. But once you settle into the rhythm, the idea that the only constant is change becomes comforting.

What are some of the professional challenges you’ve tackled, the most interesting projects you’ve worked on, and/or your proudest moment at Sortly?

I’m in a fairly unique position, as an early employee, of having the opportunity to build out multiple departments from ideation to execution. I’ve really enjoyed building out our Commercial Sales and Success functions and validating the hypothesis that we could move upmarket and unlock another vertical for the business.

What do you like to do outside of work—passion projects, hobbies, family?

I recently bought a bunch of plants, but whether they survive the test of time remains to be seen. I have a dog I’m obsessed with. I enjoy writing. I never met a crime-procedural drama I didn’t want to watch. I like to watch Jeopardy at my favorite dive bar a few times a week.

Where is your favorite place in the world?

Anywhere I’m having a good conversation and feeling like I’m connecting with people.

What is one food you can’t resist?

A really good sandwich (obligatory addition that fries should always be included).


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