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10 Must-Have Inventory Management Software Features

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Whether you run a construction business, manage a medical practice or work for a event company, inventory control can mean the difference between a profitable month and a problematic one. That’s why so many companies across very diverse industries are looking for a modern, intuitive inventory management software that can make this often challenging process a whole lot less tedious and time consuming.

Inventory control, by the way, is the process of verifying that a business has enough product to satisfy their customers needs right away without wasting resources by overstocking. In this article, we’ll touch on 10 ultra-important features any business should be looking for in an inventory control software. Here they are:

1. The software works perfectly on every device

There’s no need to invest in fancy inventory control software that only works on one desktop computer. Gone are the days of relying on one disorganized binder or aging computer for essential details about your business. There are modern, affordable options that work brilliantly and seamlessly on all sorts of devices, from iPhones and Androids to tablets and traditional PCs.


2. Even your least tech-savvy employees can use it

Don’t bother with ultra-complex software that requires a three-hour training session from some IT guru. Look for inventory management software that was built for regular people, not data scientists. If you want your inventory control software to actually save time and money, then you’ll need to select a version that makes sense to your most tech-averse colleagues within a few minutes.


3. You can know where anything is at any given time

Not every business has just one storage closet. The best inventory control software will allow you to manage inventory kept across many locations. You should be able to effortlessly organize, sort and search by location, too. Extra points for a software solution that syncs automatically, so you can know where any given thing is at the crack of dawn, even before your manager clocks in.


4. Customizable to your business needs and processes

Look for an inventory control solution that has customizable fields for your items, so that you are only tracking item details that matter to you.  There, you can store all the details you used to stash on dozens of crumpled little Post-Its. You should be able to record any details like where an item was purchased from, how much you paid for it or how to get in touch with its manufacturer… or any other info you’d want to access on the spot.


5. Flexible barcodes or QR labels that are actually easy to scan and use

Yes, barcodes or QR labels  can actually make your life easier—if you have an inventory control app that allows you to scan them effortlessly. Look for a modern inventory management software that allows you to work with the barcodes or QR codes that are already on your products—or gives you the ability to create your own. Either way, you can simply scan an item to learn more about it, change its status, or check it in or out.

Small business inventory management Software App Sortly Pro


6. Alerts for dwindling stock levels or approaching warranty and expiry dates

What good is an inventory control process if the items it seeks to manage are becoming unusable or the item simply isn’t available? None! Choose an inventory management system that notifies you when a product is set to expire or end its warranty period. And insist on an app that alerts you when stock is getting too low, so you can reorder before business is affected.


7. Complete control over user permissions and access

Inventory should be for everyone—but not every employee needs to be able to access everything and do, well, all of the things. Find an inventory control solution that allows you to dictate who can do what, see what and change what. You should also be able to look through each item’s history to audit who made which changes and when.


8. Include photos for a more visual inventory

Many businesses have items that sound alike or have very similar names. And plenty of other companies are full of highly visual employees who use images to think and plan. With an inventory system that features high-quality pictures, little details are never lost. You won’t have to rely on luck or gut instincts when sifting through your pars, either.


9. Totally customizable tags and fields

Unless you have an inventory system built specifically for your business, you’re likely going to need to perform a few “hacks” to get it just right. The best inventory software will account for your company’s individuality and create plenty of opportunities to create tags and custom fields you can use for, well, anything.


10. Import and export your inventory with the click of a button

A great inventory is meant to be shared… and exported… and printed… Find an inventory solution that lets you import and export your data however you want, so you can use it in whatever way you see fit. Use it to create order sheets, audit lists, training manuals, or even gorgeous PDFs to share with clients and investors.

After all, modern inventory control software should make your job easier and your business more profitable… not the opposite.



Sortly Pro Inventory App Dashboard

Sortly Pro is a super simple inventory control and asset tracking system that enables you to visually track all your items and any of their details including quantity, price, condition, notes etc —for a more intuitive (and less maddening) way for your team to track your inventory across multiple locations.

Unlike other inventory tracking systems, you won’t need any lengthy sales visits or a 100-page guide to figure out Sortly Pro. It’s built so you can have up and running in minutes, all on your own.

It’s time to say goodbye to lost inventory, complicated spreadsheets and time-consuming “solutions” so you can spend less time inventorying and more time businessing.

Check out this short video introducing Sortly Pro

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