Terms of Service for Affiliates

Last Updated: January 1, 2021

The term of this agreement will begin upon our acceptance of your affiliate application and/or any modifications of this agreement and will end when terminated by either party. Either you or we may terminate this agreement at any time, when the terms have been identified as violated. As an affiliate, you have already accepted binding terms with PartnerStack. The following agreement is specific to your engagement with Sortly and our affiliate management team.

Program Terms and Conditions.

Your participation in the Program shall be governed by Sortly’s terms and conditions of this Agreement (collectively, the “Program Terms”). We may update these Program Terms at any time without prior notice to you and you will make updates immediately according to any revisions to these guidelines. You agree this license can be revoked at any time for any or no reason upon notice by Sortly to you (regardless of termination of this Agreement) and you agree upon receipt of such notice immediately to cease using all the Sortly Links.

Application and Enrollment in the Program.

You must submit a completed Program application via the Program’s signup funnel to begin the enrollment process. We will evaluate your application and notify you of your acceptance or rejection within a reasonable timeframe. We may reject your application if, in our sole discretion, we determine for any reason that your site or marketing practices do not comply with the Program Terms or are otherwise unsuitable for the Program. As part of the Application you must submit the principal address of your Web site upon which you desire to place the Sortly links. You represent and warrant that: (i) the information submitted in the Application is truthful and accurate; (ii) the person submitting the Application is at least 18 years old; (iii) in the event you are an entity, the person submitting the Application has the full right, power and authority to enter into this Agreement on behalf of such entity; and (iv) the execution of this Agreement by such person, and the performance by you of your obligations and duties hereunder, do not and will not violate any agreement to which you are a party or by which you are otherwise bound.

Responsibility for Your Web site.

You will be solely responsible for the development, operation, and maintenance of, and all costs associated with, your Web site, and for the accuracy, timeliness and appropriateness of all content posted on your site. We disclaim all liability for these matters. Further, you will indemnify and hold us harmless from all claims, damages, and expenses (including, without limitation, attorneys’ fees) relating to the development, operation, maintenance, and content of your site. You agree that your Web site shall not engage in any of the unsuitable web site activities listed in these terms and you understand and agree that Sortly may, at its sole discretion, correct or reverse commissions and/or terminate you from the Affiliate Program entirely for any violations of these or any other terms of this Agreement.

Website Requirements.

In order to qualify for the Affiliate Program and receive commissions, your Web site must:

  • Be relevant and professional: 
    • Have a professional look-and-feel compatible with the Sortly Site
    • Employ logical navigation that is not confusing or misleading to the user
    • Not contain broken images or links
    • Not include areas that are under construction
  • Not display or provide content that
    • is offensive to the communities served by your Web site, including but not limited to blatant expressions of bigotry, prejudice, racism, hatred or excessive profanity or post any obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, excessively violent, harassing or otherwise objectionable content
    • contains pornographic material, graphics or content perceived as offensive, defamatory, libelous, obscene, abusive, inflammatory or controversial, including that of a sexual, violent or political nature (including nudity in content or ads);
  • Not feature or promote:
    • discrimination of any type, i.e., by imposing any race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age-based criteria; 
    • activities involving unusual or extreme risk to life or the environment;
    • illegal or criminal activities;
  • Not sell, promote, or advertise in any manner (including through the use of hyperlinks):
    • any products or services that are unlawful in the location at which the content is posted or received;
    • gambling activities, alcohol, tobacco, or any illegal or controlled substance;
  • Not violate intellectual property of Sortly or any third party, including through:
    • the use of unauthorized links, domain names, HTML tags, or content containing ” Sortly ” or any other trademarks owned by Sortly, and any variations, or misspellings thereof;
    • infringing in any way or violate any copyright, patent, trademark, service mark, trade name, trade secret or other intellectual property right of Sortly or any third party;
  • Not post any content that holds Sortly open to public scorn or ridicule;
  • Not introduce viruses, worms, harmful code and/or Trojan horses on the Internet;
    • Adhere to Data Privacy by:
    • Not using tracking technology that enables correlation of tracking data with personally identifiable information collected independently by Affiliates from Sortly customers; 
  • Not posting or disclosing any personally identifying information or private information or any third parties without obtaining their consent in a legally sufficient way (or their parents’ consent in case of a minor);
    • Complying with your obligations under applicable data protection laws, including General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679, with respect to your processing of any personal data.
  • Not require a password or contain other means of restricted access to your site. If you have a member-based site that requires login you agree to provide Sortly with a test login prior to being approved to the Affiliate Program.

Protected SEM Bidding Keywords.

Use of any and all  Sortly Branded search terms, trademarked terms or any branded URLs (derivatives and misspellings included) is prohibited, without direct explicit consent. Participation in Sortly or brand bidding is not allowed within the affiliate program. Affiliates are not allowed to bid on competitor’s branded terms and direct traffic to Sortly branded sites. This includes any and all combinations, variations, misspellings or misspelling variations. Further, use of keywords or copy containing terms that might reflect negatively on Sortly brand, e.g. ‘cheap’, should not be used.

If the affiliate wants to explore paid ads with the Sortly brand, they must first reach out to the Sortly affiliate management team for approval. Failure to adhere to these policies may result in the discontinuation of the Sortly partnership with the publisher and the refusal to pay commissions on reservations that are generated due to the misuse of the search engine marketing policy.

Prohibited SEM Display URL Content.

Direct linking is not allowed – this includes any and all Sortly trademark terms, misspellings or any variations thereof.

Prohibited SEM Ad Copy Content.

“Official Site” cannot appear in any ad titles or descriptions. The use of any and all Sortly Branded and /or Trademarked terms is prohibited.

Coupons and Promotional Codes.

When promoting Sortly, publishers may only use coupons and promotional codes that are provided exclusively through the affiliate program. Affiliates can find all coupon codes through the network database. Read our newsletters for tips, and best practices. Affiliates are not permitted to use misleading text, images or links that imply any deal that is not authorized through the affiliate channel. Use of exclusive coupon codes by unauthorized affiliates will result in voided transactions. User submitted coupon codes from other marketing channels are prohibited from use by affiliates. We have the right to void those sales. Expired coupons and deals must be removed or clearly marked as expired immediately. We monitor coupon codes for violations regularly. 

Only use logos, banners and images provided through the network interface. Contact the affiliate management team before using any images from the merchant website or social media channels.

We reserve the right to reverse transactions due to order cancellations, duplicate tracking, returns, credit card fraud, dispute charges or violations of this agreement. 

FTC Compliance.

Each affiliate is required by Sortly to disclose your affiliate relationship on any promotion for this merchant. This includes but is not limited to blog posts, videos, emails, social media and website pages. Your audience must understand you could earn commissions if they click your links. This disclosure statement should be clear and concise, stating that Sortly is compensating you for your review or endorsement. If you received the product (e.g. Monthly Subscription) for free from Sortly for a review, this also must be clearly stated in your disclosure. Audit of your site may occur and if found not in compliance may be notified for removal from the program and forfeiture of unpaid commissions.

For more information and suggestions about how to comply, please reach out to the Sortly affiliate management team.  

Limited License to Use Sortly Links.

For the term of this Agreement, we grant you a nonexclusive, revocable license to (i) access our Sites through the Links solely in accordance with the Program Terms; (ii) use Sortly logos, trade names, trademarks, images, messages and similar identifying material (the “Licensed Materials”), for the sole purpose of promoting the Sortly Campaigns (associated with the Sortly Links that are accessible through the PartnerStack console) to assist in generating online transactions, and for identifying you as a participant in the Affiliate Program. You may not modify the Licensed Materials or any associated code (e.g. HTML) in any way. Except as expressly granted in this Agreement, the Affiliate shall have no other rights of any kind in regards to the Sites, Sortly services, the Sortly Campaigns, Sortly images, messages, codes, trade names and trademarks, and all other intellectual property of Sortly. You acknowledge that all use of the Sortly Links by you inures solely to the benefit of Sortly, and agree not to use the Sortly Links in a manner that is, or otherwise include materials on your Web site that are, disparaging of Sortly. Under no circumstances will anything in this Agreement be construed as granting by implication, or otherwise, a license to any of Sortly intellectual property or proprietary technology other than the use of the Licensed Materials, code and the linkage to the Sortly Web site, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. You will remove any outdated Sortly Links immediately upon our request. We may update these guidelines at any time without prior notice to you and you will make updates immediately according to any revisions to these guidelines.

You agree this license can be revoked at any time for any or no reason upon notice by Sortly to you (regardless of termination of this Agreement) and you agree upon receipt of such notice immediately to cease using all Sortly Links.